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ECO Interior

The Interiors of a house or work place are very important. It’s much more than just adding comfort to a space. It’s more about feeding peace to the soul and adding a touch of nature creates a synergy that breathes pure serenity and adds a stroke of serendipity. 
At Claw Concepts we believe that a space that does not fulfill what we said above is not a house or any other space that we spend maximum time of our lives. So we always look at making a place look likm it’s been dipped in utmost serenity.
Claw Concpets specialises and providing functional interior design solutions for –

  • Living Temples [Home]
  • Work  Temples [Office]

We also work on individual space’s like Bedrooms, Dining area, Bathrooms and so on and we like to call this “Micro Interiors”.